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Julie & Dillon

How I met my best friend

July 4, 2019

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  1. John thompson says:

    Way to go! I’m very happy for you

  2. Thuy says:

    Beautiful story! I don’t know Dillon but I love him already!

    • Hanako Soncini says:

      Thank you Thuy, he was so well-behaved and you could tell they both have a beautiful heart <3

  3. This is such a touching story! I love working dogs. Have a huge amount of respect for the work and training. I am a big believer that all dogs are therapy dogs to some degree … but this is different. This is what I call "going pro". Good job you beautiful boy.

    • Hanako Soncini says:

      Definitely a pro here! I have learnt so much from these two. Dillon was amazing and stayed close to Julie throughout the whole session. It was very touching and heartwarming to see.

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