6 Things you can do with your Dog in Ottawa Before the Summer Ends

Dog Friendly Ottawa

August 12, 2022

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  1. Sara says:

    Love all these dog-friendly summer activities in the city!!!🐕🏖🐾

  2. Diane Klynchyk says:

    Thanks for the info Hanako! On occasion during the daytime heat we have taken Zoe for a walk-around to pet friendly stores like HomeSense, and of course pet stores. And maybe once a week we stop for ice-cream to share.

    • Hanako Soncini says:

      Zoe is lucky to be able to get ice cream that often! Dog-friendly stores were a lifesaver for us too during the heat wave!

  3. Turbota says:

    Not every dog is brave enough to go SUP 🙂

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